Hydraulics And Ports


The life of water

Water supplies, integrated drainage, DWTP (drinking water treatment plants) and WWTP (waste water treatment plants). All of these have been and continue to be within the company’s project backlog. This interest in hydraulic projects has been strengthened by taking total control of PASSAVANT ESPAÑA, now PESA MEDIO AMBIENTE, a specialised company in water treatment.

In addition to Spain, where this year two significant waste water treatment plants –the WWTP in Burgos and the WWTP in Ourense – have been completed, hydraulic projects by the company have been executed in Bulgaria, Romania, Peru, Brazil and Algeria and it is also present in the business of the operation and maintenance of supply and drainage networks and DWTP and WWTP.

With regards to constructing port projects, COPASA has taken part in building the new Punta Langosteira port in A Coruña, Spain, the largest port project constructed in Europe in recent years. The Company is currently constructing another major project, which is the new dock extension at the Veracruz Port, in Mexico.

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