Water and waste treatment


Water and wastes treatment

Firmly committed to the environment, Copasa participates in the integral water cycle which involves the supply of drinking water, sewerage and the treatment of waste water, the intake and purification of water and its final distribution to the consumer.
Another of our company’s fields of action is the collection, sorting and handling of solid urban and industrial wastes.

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tn/year waste treated

Environmental engineering

The design of plants and installations for treating water and wastes forms part of the activities undertaken by our company, starting with prior studies or draft projects and ending with detailed designs.

The integral design of all types of water and wastes treatment plants and the processes engineering associated with these plants (energy use, re-use of wastes, etc) are tasks in which Copasa and its subsidiaries have recognised prestige.

Plant operation and maintenance

A fundamental part of Copasa’s environmental activity is the operation and maintenance of water treatment plants. It has multiple references of plants of diverse sizes and types.

Collection and handling of SUW

The collection of solid urban wastes (SUW) in municipalities, the transport of these to tips or sorting and handling plants and the operation and management of these plants are the various phases in the integral handling of SUW.

Copasa participates in all of these with the management of diverse contracts in various municipalities in Spain and abroad.

Equipment supply and installation

Copasa has great experience in the supply and installation of equipment for building water and wastes treatment plants, the fruit of the large number of installations of this type that it has built.