About us


More than 30 years generating dreams

SA de Obras y Servicios, COPASA, the mother company of the Copasa Group, is a construction and services company founded in 1985.

The wide experience acquired over more than 30 years’ activity has given us the capacity needed to undertake projects of all types – railway works, roads, water works, port works, public, residence and hospital buildings, maintenance of transport infrastructures, operation of water works, collection and handling of SUW, industrial activity, etc. All our activity is sustained on a premise that we consider fundamental: giving our clients full satisfaction.

The company


To build technologically advanced infrastructures and provide services by applying innovative solutions with the safety of the workers and respect for the environment foremost, generating value for our clients, shareholders and workers and contributing to the development and improvement of the quality of life of the persons in the countries in which we are present.


To be a leading business group in the construction and development of infrastructures and in the profitable and diversified provision of urban, logistics and energy services, applying innovative solutions with a permanent presence in the national and international markets.

Chairman´s letter

A year ago, I came to you to invoke the urgent need for our country to form a government; a government that could take the helm of the ship and, in spite of powerful headwinds, navigate it to a safe harbour, where it could find shelter, protection, and a strong base for it to bring in a bountiful haul once more.

Corporate governance

Board of directors

José Luis Suárez Gutiérrez

Chair of the Board and Managing Director

Germán Galindo Moya

Vice-chair of the Board

Alfredo Blanco López


Victor Barallat López


Management bodies


José Luis Saravia Centeno


Eduardo Alonso Barrio

Miguel Pérez de Juan Burgos


Alfredo Blanco López


Rafael Arín Abad


Civil works I

Juan Rafael Sanjuán de Moreta

Civil works II

José Luis González Gago

Civil works III

Andrés Martínez González

Building construction

Felipe Sánchez Alvariño


Javier Ramos Barbosa

Saudi Arabia

Jaime Díaz Sancho


Germán Conde Santos


Manuel Tobar Vidal


Juan Inocencio Leite Represa

Jorge Enrique Lucas Herranz


Ignacio Hernando Yáñez


José Luis Suárez-Vence Legerén


Manuel Vidal Béjar


María Jesús Fernández González


Gumersindo Quiroga López


Mirian Fariñas Torres

Economic and financial information

Copasa was the first Spanish company to debut in the MARF (Alternative Market of Fixed Income), the platform promoted by the Government and BME (Control of Markets and Spanish Markets) whose Regulation is approved by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV)).


Processes improvement, environmental management and R&D&I

Copasa has had quality certification since 1997 and environmental certification since 1999. Our commitment to quality and the environment drives us to renovate and improve our management continuously to cover the needs of our clients and to encourage respect and care for the environment. All of this has led us to improve the processes in all areas of the company and to improve our energy efficiency.
Likewise, since 2005 we have been developing projects and collaborating with companies, universities and technology centres to develop innovative projects that improve our competitiveness. We currently have 22 R&D projects, certified by accredited organisations, in all areas of our activity, both civil engineering and building and in various areas from construction, environmental and occupational health and safety processes to the development of new technologies.

Quality certificate


Business policy

Risk prevention

COPASA has had OSHAS 18001 certification. The company’s involvement in the prevention of occupational risks and the health of its workers means that in recent years Copasa has had one of the lowest accident rates in the sector.

OHSA 18001 2007 EN

OHSA 18001 2007 ES


Other companies in the group

Luso Galaica de Traviesas

This company’s activity is the manufacture of concrete sleepers for railway lines. LGT has the technologically most advanced manufacturing system, SDR (Dywidag – Spann – Rahmen System) with a production capacity of 1,440 sleepers/day.

LGT is certified as per the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards that accredit its assurance of quality and respect for the environment as well as product compliance and inter-operability certificates from Cetren. All products made by LGT are approved by the railway authorities.


GESECO specialises in providing first need public urban services with an important activity in the conservation and maintenance of infrastructures (roads, green areas), collection of SUW and street cleaning, the operation of treatment facilities and the management of water supply and sewerage systems.


GESECO Aguas is a services company, focused on the integral water cycle. Its main activity is the operation and maintenance of water treatment facilities and the management of supply and sewerage systems.


PESA Medioambiente continues to expand nationally and internationally in the management and treatment of water. Wholly owned by Copasa, the company undertakes all types of water treatment projects – drinking water, waste water, industrial water, desalination, etc.
Internationally, the projects in Romania and Bulgaria have been joined by ones in Algeria, with participation in the building and operation of WWTPs in Biskra and Bethioua. Pesa also continues to maintain its portfolio of projects in Morocco and Peru.


AUCEL is the concessionaire for the AG-31 motorway, which runs from the A-52 Rías Baixas motorway to Celanova. This motorway is the backbone for improving communications in the area of Celanova, in the province of Orense. The motorway went into operation in February 2013 with a shadow toll scheme.


AUSAL is the concessionaire for the AG-41 Salnés motorway, the main access to the largest tourist areas in Galicia, in the province of Pontevedra.
The motorway opened to traffic in July 2008 and will be operated by this concessionaire until 2035 with a shadow toll scheme.


AUCOM is the concessionaire for the Costa da Morte motorway (AG-55) which strengthens the corridor connecting the city of La Coruña with Finisterre, between the municipalities of Carballo and Baio in the province of La Coruña. The concession period terminates in 2038. It is currently in operation and has been open to traffic since July 2016.


COPASA Arabia is the Copasa Group company in Saudi Arabia with its headquarters in Jeddah. The company is undertaking the works in the project for the high speed railway line between Mecca and Medina for the Saudi Railway Organization (SRO).
Copasa Arabia has installed various factories in the Saudi Kingdom to manufacture track materials (sleepers, cable channelling, rail welding) and five aggregate crushing plants. This company is also maintaining the 449 km of double track on the line for 12 years as well as other contracts that may arise in Saudi Arabia in the near future.


CALTIA is the Copasa Group company in Mexico. Currently, its most important project is the building of the western breakwater in the natural enlargement of the Port of Veracruz, for the Administración Portuaria Integral de Veracruz (APIVER), the most important port work currently under way in Mexico.

Depuradora de Ares

Depuradora de Ares is the concession company created to design, finance, construct, and undertake the 20-year operation of the waste water treatment plant for the area north of the Ares Estuary in A Coruña. The plant, which is currently in operation, serves a population of 52,000 inhabitants.


Located in Chile, the company’s main activity is urban collection and cleaning, with contracts with the municipalities of Rancagua, San Javier and Parral.
Also located in Chile, Urbana Operadora participates in the concession for the Vitacura car park in Santiago.


Abedul is a business division that consists of various service area concessions, such as service stations and café-restaurants, located on different motorways throughout Spain. The terms of operation are between 30 and 45 years. The concession contract, in partnership with the Ministry of Public Works, includes design, financing, construction, and operation.